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We’re always looking for new ways to reward Hoteliers members.

Expedia will be the program’s new rewards partner. Hoteliers members will get up to $1,000 savings per program year on two hotel bookings with unlimited nights, if booked with Expedia Travel.


0 points


3,500 points


discount on 2 hotel bookings


7,000 points


discount on 2 hotel bookings


10,000 points


discount on 2 hotel bookings

Groups with health & dental under 50 lives have the embedded version included at no extra cost. 

Groups over 50 lives do not get access to the embedded version.

Both group sizes can get the fee-model EAP for $2.99/employee/month.

Small businesses will have access to the following embedded value-adds:

  1. Embedded EAP program – All small-business clients gain access to counselling and crisis management through Homewood Health.
  2. Enhanced Paramedical Coverage for Mental Health – We offer an extensive list of practitioners for mental health, offering a combined maximum for Psychologists, Clinical Counsellors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychoanalysts, Social Workers and Psychotherapists. This allows members to access tot he specialists they value and connect with most.
  3. Vitality – A unique mobile app that gives staff a health challenge a week. Members who reach the silver level receive 40% off a Garmin Smartwatch. Most importantly, due to members living healthier lives, we tracked a 12-15% decrease in claims! This program is embedded in all our healthcare plans at no extra cost! Learn more here about Manulife Vitality Rewards.
  4. Out of Country – In addition to our $5M in out of country coverage, we do offer $5k in trip cancellation for every member and dependent. This does cover COVID-19.
  5. Fee Model EAP – This is our enhanced employee assistance available for $2.99/employee/month. This is exceptionally popular during as it provides counselling support, child support advice and elder care advice, and support for management. Mental health is the number one reason people go on disability today. For every $1 invested in workplace mental health the yearly return – $1.62. This rises to $2.18 for programs that have been in place for 3 years or more.