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hoteliers group / puhl employee benefits partnership

Hoteliers Group is a leading Canadian-based hotel benefits company, we’re helping Hoteliers provide benefits to employees that work for them. Puhl Employee Benefits specializes in flexible group benefits and wealth management with specific focus on meeting the unique financial needs of independent business owners and their employees. Our profession expertise and trained support staff located in Calgary, Alberta enable us to provide a superior off-site human resources centre. Here at Puhl Employee Benefits, we pride ourselves on our friendly and outgoing atmosphere. Since 1986, we’ve specialized in providing high-quality products, services, and advice. As brokers, we create customized group products with complete benefit market access for Hoteliers. Puhl Employee Benefits understands that Group Employee Benefit management can be complex, personal and time-consuming. We able employees to gain the freedom to live their lives their way, from now through retirement. And we’re working hard to support their wellness and health management goals, so they can enjoy what matters most to them – today and tomorrow. To learn more about additional insurance and investments information and ideas, CLICK HERE.

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